Step 1- Planting the Seeds

Step 1- Planting the Seeds

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Step 1 - Planting the Seeds (Divine Foundation)

Are you feeling lost? Living a life where you don’t feel connected to yourself or what you are doing? Do you feel that outside influences (people/society) are controlling you or dictating what you do, how you live? 

Do you feel that there is more to you and your life, and you want to start living YOUR empowered life now! (Or start your journey..)

The first step in the Divine Life Protocol, is laying the foundations (planting your seeds🌱), to begin living your empowered life. Reminding yourself at every hurdle/speed bump, what means most to you. Giving you a deeper understanding for who you are, removing the layers that have ‘become you’ from outside influences, beliefs, feelings.

Along with your Protocol, it will also include:

•Affirmation Prints for you to use and incorporate into your daily life  

•Rituals and recipes that will help support you in your journey

•Activities and prompts to empower you and support you in your journey