Divine Mumma Healing Spray
Divine Mumma Healing Spray
Divine Mumma Healing Spray

Divine Mumma Healing Spray

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Healing Spray is effective with supporting your body with the healing process. The ingredients have been carefully chosen to help with swelling, tears, grazes, stitches and supports your body to heal from cesareans. 

A blend of soothing, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic herbs, to promote a speedy recovery from birth. Healing Spray can be used for swelling, grazes, tears, stitches, caesarean wounds and/or haemorrhoids. 

INGREDIENTS: Witch Hazel, Organic Aloe Vera Gel, Healing Herb Tea Blend (Calendula, Comfrey Root, Uva Ursi soaked in filtered water.) Essential Oils: Frankincense, Helichrysm, Lavender.

Healing Benefits:

Calendula- flowers have anti-inflammatory, astringent, anti-fungal and tissue healing properties. 

Comfrey Root- a potent wound healing herb, also contains soothing properties, so is wonderful for inflamed tissues. It has astringent properties, which is helpful for bruising, swelling and haemorrhoids. 

Uva-Ursi -has a specific antiseptic and astringent effect on the mucous membranes of the urinary system and helps with soothing the tender perineal tissues. 

Lavender- for soothing and has anti-bacterial quantities, calms swelling or inflammation of the skin, supports regeneration.

Frankincense-helps to heal any tears, broken skin and irritation, it also helps with scarring.

Helichrysum- helps with pain and supports healing.

Witch Hazel-naturally disinfectant, that doesn’t dry out your skin. It is also anti-inflammatory and soothing 

Aloe Vera- has natural antiseptic properties

 How to use the spray- pack it in your hospital bag for after-birth care, when using the toilet or for making 'padsicles' (*see below). You may like to keep it refrigerated though not necessary. Keeping it refrigerated, will help to increase the ‘cooling effect’ and help make it even more refreshing. 

Another use is to make ‘padsicles*' Spray on menstrual pads until damp (not soaked), then rewrap pads and store in the freezer until needed. The combination of witch hazel, herbs, essential oils and being in the freezing, creates more of a cooling effect. 

Cesarean Wound Care- Keep it DRY AND CLEAN. Do not scrub it in the shower. Pat dry and keep a maxi pad with small amount of ‘Healing Spray’ over the pad (so its not too wet) for at least 1-2 weeks, than as long as you feel you need. 

The ‘Healing Spray’ is also great to keep for immediate wound care. So once you have recovered from post-birth healing, keep this spray for future wound care for you and your family. See 100% Plant Based Wound Care Spray to read more.


 *Pregnant statue NOT INCLUDED. Display only.

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100% Plant Based, External Use Only.


*Recommend patch test with first use. If by chance a reaction occurs, discontinue using. 


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