Divine Mumma Bath Blend
Divine Mumma Bath Blend
Divine Mumma Bath Blend

Divine Mumma Bath Blend

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Supports your body with the healing process, with ingredients that have been carefully chosen to help with swelling, tears, grazes, stitches and supports your body to heal from cesareans. 

 ‘I am patient with myself as I adjust to my new motherhood journey. I release all expectations and allow myself the freedom to be true to my own version of being a Divine Mother.’

Sprinkle desire amount into running water or into a small Muslim bag (saves on cleaning up the flowers at the end of the bath, while still benefiting from all the ingredients.) Use this Bath Blend soon after birth, to start benefiting from the healing ingredients. Use in combination with ‘Divine Mumma Healing Spray’ for added healing benefits.  


1 x Bath Blend (Crystal Inside)

1 x 14.5cm Muslin Bag made from 100% unbleached cotton

Information on the Benefits of using the Bath Blend.


Witch Hazel, Almond Oil, Magnesium, Sea Salt, Calendula, Comfrey Root, Uva Ursi Leaf, Essential Oils- Lavender & Rosemary


Ready to completely Transform your life. Read about our Divine Life Protocol.


*Pregnant statue NOT INCLUDED. Display only.


100% Plant Based, External Use Only.


*Recommend patch test with first use. If by chance a reaction occurs, discontinue using. 


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