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Are YOU ready to Commit to Living Your DIVINE LIFE?

  ‘Divine Live Protocol’, for those ready to COMMIT to themselves, and create the changes necessary to live more aligned. The ‘Divine Life Protocol’ will guide and empower you, to live your life aligned and connected. 

Are you COMMITTED to creating the life YOU desire?

Ready to ACTIVELY create the changes you need in order to align yourself with Your Souls Purpose?

Do you need SUPPORT and GUIDANCE with connecting to your higher source and feeling more alignment in your life?


Divine Foundation - Planting the Seeds  (FREE PDF download) - Create the foundations; self evaluation, understanding outside influences, creating a clear picture of where you want to go in life and what is holding you back. To than, over the next 4 steps, be able to move into living life empowered, aligned being aware of yourself. 


Divine Cleanse- Before you can begin to align yourself you first need to Cleanse from anything and everything that has been holding you back. Use this time to really dig deep, honour yourself to truely let go of it ALL. You will need to start a journal, this part is rather important. This is when you can really release and acknowledge everything you have been holding on to. 

Divine Love- In order to align yourself, you first need to fall in love with yourself. Heal your wounds and release what has held you back in the past. Connect with both your higher source and yourself. When you learn to truely love yourself first, you will begin to notice changes and energetic shifts that will happen more and more. Loving yourself is the most important part in your journey to living your Divine Life.

Divine Self- Now you have fallen in love with yourself, or on the journey to falling in love with you. Next step is finding connection with who you are, deep within. Peeling back the layers of outside influences and finding the ‘real’ you. Creating the confidence to allow your Divine Self, to shine through. Trusting in your capabilities and having the confidence to live your life, true to your souls purpose.

Divine Abundance-  It is now time to manifest and work with the universe to bring forth your life’s desires. ‘Divine Abundance’ will support and teach you rituals, how to manifest and create the life you feel drawn to.

  • It is important that when using these products and sourcing outside support, they can not do the work for you.
  • For you to truely step into your power and live your version of a Divine Life. You need to first realise that it is all inside of you.
  • Use outside support and guidance, while trusting in your OWN ability/strength as well. 








Step 1- Planting the Seeds
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I AM DIVINE - Ritual Pack
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