Illusional Opinions

It is all just an Illusion created from an opinion!


Someone once told me many years ago, that has stuck with me ever since. ‘Everything is just someone’s opinion. Even ones that turned into facts. Because at the very beginning it was someone’s opinion that lead them down that path.’ There is so much freedom in this, when people ‘dislike’ your view point or choices, just see it as an opinion. You don’t have to agree with them nor do they have to agree with you. It is just that, an opinion. Taking this onboard over the years, allowed me to view disagreements in a different light. I CHOSE not to allow outside ‘opinions’ way me down, (this did take time and many test along the way though and I still will continue to work on this.) 


This path than led me to another realisation that created a major shift in my life. Everything we see is just an ‘Illusion’. It is an illusion because we can choose how to see things. E.g. The most common phase; ‘I have no money.’ This is an illusion that has been created, because do you truely have no money? No. Though the illusion is that because you don’t have the finances to buy a certain thing or ‘disposable’ income you than have the belief that you have no money. Change the thought, you than change the illusion. 


Make sense? Not quite yet? How about this example; ‘I never have time to A, B, C.’ I will use my most recent situation as an example, ‘I never have time to be truly present with my children.’ This was an illusion that was created in my mind, from what was happening in my life. What was in my power to change, I changed (if you have been following my social media pages you will have seen that I have been doing a major clean out of the house and been focusing on living more minimalist. Thus having less things to clean up and more time to do the things I enjoy; being outside/being present with my children.) 


One more example that can be quite common, ‘Why does everything happen to me?’ Another illusion that was created in the mind. What exactly is it that is happening to you? Could it be happening for you? Look back at all the things that have happened in your life and in those moments when you were asking yourself ‘Why’, now ask yourself were you able to take something away from it that actually improved your life? Was it just an illusion at that time of your life that created the mindset that you were having something done wrong to you?


Now put these to two things together; everything is just an illusion that has been created in our minds or an opinion of either ours or someone else’s. We have the power to create the changes in our lives that will either hinder or improve our lives. 


Which are you going to choose?

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