Awaken Your Wild Power

I am sure we all can remember our very first time. Majority of women I know when they experienced their first time, mine included, was awkward, embarrassing and totally unexpected. The only discussion was very rare occasions at school. Which in no way shape or form, made you feel neither comfortable with the idea nor confident about talking about it. Generally those around you when it came up, was ‘hush hush’ topic.

If you haven’t guessed yet, I am talking about our menstrual cycles.

Having your period always seemed to be seen as a ‘bad thing,’ to be made to feel ashamed. Even as I write this, I think who might read it, what will they think? Though the message I feel compelled to share is more important. Having your monthly bleeds shouldn’t make you feel anything but empowered!

Which leads me to why I have decided to discuss this topic and why right now. I fell pregnant with my son in March 2014; therefore my last period was February 2014. Than fast forward to May 2016, when my first cycle returned (my son was 15 months) though only for 3-4days. I than fell pregnant again the following month (June). Within the last year and a half, I have learnt a lot about connection and getting to know my divine self*. Through this journey I have learnt about the strong connection between the moon and our menstrual cycles. As well as a deeper understanding of our cycles for emotional, spiritual and the healing benefits.


‘Herstory’- Sacred Feminine- The word, ‘Menstruation,’ is derived from the Greek word, Menus; translating to moon, power and month. Often our bleeding cycles are connected to the cycles of the moon and the tides; bleeding together on the New Moon and ovulating on the Full Moon.

There was a period of time, when menstrual cycles were celebrated. When it was believed that women held the power of creation, wisdom and deep spirituality. During their bleeds, women would be encouraged to tune into their intuition, than the tribe would turn to them for guidance and advice. Women bled at the same time and would retreat to their ‘Red Tent.’ Free from their outside commitments; listening to their bodies, resting and caring for one another.

Ancient Greece would use menstrual blood as a way to support crop growth. Burying the blood in the earth during fertility festivals in the springtime.

Roughly over 5,000 years ago when society shifted from the idea of goddess worship to patriarchal. Women were labeled unclean and were forced to separate from the men during their bleeds. The belief was adopted that viewed women when they were menstruating they were impure and were not fit to enter churches, prepare food or have sex. So than it makes sense that fast-forward to now. After years of women suppressing their natural flow, we have blocked our creative intuition and we refuse to honor this divine time. Resulting in painful or uncomfortable periods, and through generations and generations, we now reject our femininity. Often feeling ashamed or embarrassed.

I don’t want to raise my daughter to feel 'ashamed' or to reject any part of herself. I now choose to raise her with a deepened understanding and respect for her body. Which therefore means starting with myself.

Over a few days my divine self has been leaving subtle hints almost preparing me for the return of my cycle. With my first, he was 15 months when my cycle returned; my daughter is only 10.5 months. With these subtle hints, my old way of thinking was, “Least I still have time to ‘prepare’ myself, so I am not bothered when my period returns.” Still seeing my period as an ‘inconvenience,’ I told myself, “No, when my cycle returns I will welcome it happily. I am ready for it to return and ready to dive deeper into understanding the power of my bleeds.” Well the next morning (yesterday), they returned. At first I was disappointed (again still learning to shift these old thoughts), than I felt grateful and appreciative that the connection I have been working to build, I know I now have with myself.

This is where all the fun begins and I am so ready to learn more, connect deeper and step into my true divine being. My daughter is going to be one powerful divine woman when she is older. World you better be ready for some major shifts coming!

I hope in writing this, it may help to spread awareness of how the menstrual cycle can be empowering, create a deepened connection with our divine self and assist with your process to be able to awaken your wild power. I will also be sharing what I learn and other interesting facts about the history of our cycles.

Love and Light,

Divine You


*Divine Self- your inner life force, it is what powers you, your true motivation for living.

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